Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki

Consultant Endocrinologist
Royal Hospital
Muscat, Oman

Mohamed Lamki graduated in Egypt in 1981 and received his post-graduate training in Glasgow in 1995. He thereby returned to Oman where he headed the Department of Endocrinology. He was a Project Director in Conceptual Design of the National Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Centre (2006-2012). At present, Dr. Lamki is the Clinical Director in Medicine. His additional posts include being a Committee Member for the National Diabetes Program in Oman, Founding Member of the Gulf Group for the Study of Diabetes, Ex-President of Oman Diabetes Association (ADA), member of Diabetes MENA Region, Section of IDF (International Diabetes Federation) and current Vice-President of Diabetes Asia Study Group (DASG). Previously, he was a Board Member of the American Association Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) Gulf Chapter. His professional experiences encompass internal medicine and endocrinology, both covering diabetes and general endocrinology with the utilization of pattern management in diabetes, and use of GLP-1 very early, prior to its release in the MENA region (Incretin based therapy for diabetes – a new class of therapy). His professional achievements include introducing clinical modules electronically; the use GLP-1 and initiation of education for nurses, integrated care system using software and pattern management for diabetes care. He is also a contributor for the National Diabetes Guidelines for Oman and Qatar Diabetes Briefing Guidelines (QDA).