Dr. Amin Jayyousi

Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetes
Hamad Medical Corporation
Assistant Professor
Wiell Cornell Medical College
Doha, Qatar

Amin Jayyousi is a Senior Consultant for Endocrine and Diabetes at Hamad Medical Cooperation (HMC) Qatar. He is also an Assistant Professor at Weill-Cornell Medical College-Qatar.

Dr. Jayyousi obtained his Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine from the University of Jordan in 1982, after which he joined Hamad Medical Cooperation (HMC), Qatar. He also holds Jordan Board of Internal Medicine since 1983.

Dr. Jayyousi is a Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology (FACE). He has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors AACE-Gulf Chapter in 2015 and is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of AACE-Gulf Chapter. He is also an active member of the American Endocrine Society since 2012 and Vice-Chair of the Diabetes Guidelines Committee at HMC, Qatar. He is a founding member of the Qatar Diabetes Association in Qatar as well as a member of Qatar Medical Association and member of Jordanian Medical Council.

Dr. Jayyousi is actively involved in diabetes research and has over 20 publications in the field of diabetes and thyroid. He has also contributed in many national and international conferences and events as a major speaker and/or moderator. He has been awarded twice with ‘’Stars of Excellence” at Hamad Hospital and “Rising Star”, for both Multidisciplinary Diabetes Education Programme and the establishment of the National Diabetes Center at HMC, Qatar.